mb-microtec, with its headquarters in Niederwangen, Bern, has been the undisputed global market leader in the development, manufacturing and production of microcomponents for half a century.

mb-microtec has a strong history of in-depth microtechnical knowledge. We are continually developing our expertise, taking up challenges, investing in the future of our company, promoting skills and deepening our knowledge. We live and breathe agility, commitment and excellence.

Latest News

The start of a bright future

Today's post is dedicated to our parent company mb-microtec and the inauguration of our spectacular new building. mb-microtec's production division already moved into the new facility last autumn with the rest of the firm following one...

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Leuchtenspezialist baut aus

Roger Siegenthaler ist auf Expansionskurs. Der von ihm geführte Glimmlichterhersteller MB-Microtec erneuert und erweitert derzeit den Sitz in Niederwangen. Die Investition beläuft sich auf 23 Millionen Franken. Neue Arbeitsplätze en...

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mb-microtec is building „Swissness“ for you!

mb-microtec is building „Swissness“ for you! In 2014, it was decided to realise our new premises, where additional capacity, modern workplaces, and a state-of-the-art technical environment are going to be set up. Following a one-ye...

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