mb-microtec, with its headquarters in Niederwangen, Bern, has been the undisputed global market leader in the development, manufacturing and production of microcomponents for half a century.

mb-microtec has a strong history of in-depth microtechnical knowledge. We are continually developing our expertise, taking up challenges, investing in the future of our company, promoting skills and deepening our knowledge. We live and breathe agility, commitment and excellence.


Latest News

Information letter about the current situation regarding corona virus

In view of the current situation, we would like to provide you our assessment of the impact on our business of the spread of the corona virus (CoVid19).

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Meeting place for the economy of Bern

mb-microtec, the Bernese discoverer and inventor of the self-luminous technology trigalight, acts as host of the annual business event and invites like-minded people to exchange knowledge and experience.

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The eternal glow from Niederwangen: an article from Watch Around N°40

What self-luminous watches have to do with the Swiss adhesive Cementit. And how a small Bernese company became the undisputed world market leader. The story of a company that had to reinvent itself over and over again.

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