Self-powered illumination technology

mb-microtec provides a unique technology for the defence and watch industries under the trigalight brand. This takes the form of a maintenance-free, highly compact system with constant luminosity that requires no external energy or power source.

trigalight consist of hermetically sealed systems that function entirely without the need for external light or energy sources. mb-microtec provides a 24/7 light warranty for at least ten years.

trigalight works in a similar way to a cathode ray tube (CRT), which was formerly used in TV screens. Like CRTs, our lights are built using a glass housing as a gas-proof glass containment. The inner walls of this glass vessel are coated with a very thin layer of phosphorescent powder. This powder (zinc sulphide) has the ability to change electrical energy into light. The electric energy of trigalight is generated by tritium gas, a low-radiation beta emitter.

While decaying, tritium loses its electrons. When one of these electrons hits the zinc sulphide layer, it is captured and transformed into light. The colour variations of trigalight are therefore not dependent on the gas, but on the coating, which can be varied. The brightness of the lights is however proportional to the filling pressure (quantity of gas).