Oskar Thüler, a physicist full of innovative ideas, founded mb-microtec Ltd. A whole new success story began with the creation of self-luminous light sources. The young pioneer successfully developed and marketed a new technology that works entirely without batteries or charging via external energy sources. In terms of the precise mass production and the small size of the resulting product, this technology represented the dawn of a new microtechnical era.

Start of the first close industrial collaborations. The company’s microtechnical and chemical expertise was combined with applied knowledge from different industries and led to the creation of a wide range of successful products.

traser swiss H3 watches was founded as a subsidiary company. The development and introduction of the world’s first self-illuminated watch by mb-microtec led to the creation of the traser brand.

Inauguration of the new building in Niederwangen, Bern. This unique building fulfils the highest requirements in terms of safety regulations.


Fiftieth anniversary of mb-microtec.

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