We are highly specialized in demanding manual assembly through to full automation. Our climate-controlled production facility has a world leading monitoring system.

Laser technology

The highly automated laser technology with vision system is our core competence. We play an important pioneering role in the in-house development of this technology and use it in manufacturing techniques. Our production facility disposes of a large plant park of 15 laser machines and is continuously expanding its production capacity as required.

Coating technology

The production plant is equipped with a state-of-the-art laboratory for etching and coating capillaries. With the help of a specialized procedure, we are able to coat the thinnest capillaries with luminescent material to the highest quality standard. We have developed our knowledge and experience in coating technologies over decades.

Glass forming

mb-microtec masters the glass drawing process in detail. We can even manufacture high-precision glass capillaries in the smallest possible inner diameter of up to 0.15mm.

Handling of hydrogen isotopes

The handling of tritium gas in automated in-house developed production facilities is part of our core business. Furthermore, we have the most modern tritium monitoring system in the world.

Pick & Place technology

We operate precision placement machines with high-speed positioning for the automated handling of large quantities of the smallest light sources.